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Loosely based on true events, THE MOLLYHOUSE tells the story of an underground gay pub owned and run by Maggie Clap in 1726, London. There, Irish runaway Adam Mackintosh finds a new home and romance with Maggie’s mysterious right-hand man, Mark Partridge. 

London is in a period of reformation, and while the Society for the Reformation of Manners actively persecutes gay men, the men of the Mollyhouse do their best to find hope and celebration amidst the constant threat of imprisonment and hanging. Even Josephine, a teenage girl from a powerful Upper Class family, escapes at night to the Mollyhouse to find freedom from her family's oppressive clutches amongst Maggie's patrons.

When Mark is caught and forced to become an informant for the righteous Justice Gonson and his violent police force, he must choose between saving himself or his community—and the man he has come to love.

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